Linda delivers messages both as a psychic and a Medium.  A gifted angel card reader she delivers messages from loved ones as well as predicts your path with insight and compassion. 


Susan is a psychic medium, reiki master and angel card reader.  Susan enjoys connecting with your loved ones in spirit to give you loving, healing , purposeful messages to bring enlightenment and closure to those that seek it. 


An intuitive reader of cards for over 20 years. Loraine's readings provide inspiration, insight, clarity and an overall sense of well being, as well as predicting events on your path.

Creator of ESPconnection, Rejean has over 20 years of experience as a clairvoyant and medium. Let her guide you with her personal predictions for you, while receiving messages for you from loved ones that have crossed over.


Renowned Spiritual Medium Angela Heil delivers powerful, accurate and specific messages from your dearly departed loved ones; so you can gain closure.

ESP Connection


With over 20 years of experience, Julie, is an intuitive, seer and Medium.  Julie guides her clients with her uncanny predictions and messages from loved ones that have crossed over.


Beth is a psychic intuitive. She delivers message as well as provides insight on your life's path with compassion and sensitivity. 


Amy is a psychic medium tarot reader for over 30 years  She provides insight and guidance with a combining of warmth and sensitivity.




Working for over 20 years as a psychic/medium, Gail has the unique ability to connect with loved ones from the other side, as well as predict upcoming events.


With years of experience, Vivian connects to a higher power and brings across messages from your loved ones. Let her angel cards bring your angels to you.


Sherry, is a master of the Ancient Oracle Arts.  She works with her clients as a Tarot and Palm intuitive, guiding them with accurate predictions.


Phyllis connects with deceased loved ones with compassion. She is a light worker, angel communicator, psychic medium and animal communicator.  She can also offer spiritual guidance through angel card readings.

Has been studying Tarot, oracle cards and all things metaphysical since she was a teenager. Barbara Stauter has had a 20 year career as a Tarot consultant, psychic intuitive, medium and psychometrist and continues to use her gift to help clients make connection with spirit to gain clarity, healing, inspiration and guidance on important issues in their lives.


​Psychics   Mediums   Intuitives   Seers


Olimpia Nicholls is a psychic/medium   intuitive healer, reiki master and certified life coach. She has always been connected to spirit since a child and enjoys helping, healing and guiding others. She will connect to spirit that surrounds you as well as predict your path.


Joan is a gifted medium and psychic who is able to see past, present and future. Joan has been known to predict events,find lost items, as well as reach those who have crossed over. 

Nancy D'Erasmo, has been a spiritual adviser and medium for over 20 years.  Her insightful gift to see beyond the senses has guided and enlightened her clients.

​Psychic Readings


Janine is a Spiritual Guidance Reader/Medium connecting with our loved ones who have crossed over.  Janine has been reading for over 15 years &  hears what she identifies as, “vibrations” thru energy, from our loved ones, speaking from a higher, more enlightened “spiritual frequency”. 


Lori is a psychic intuitive/medium.  Her psychic work is a gift that allows her to help you grow and increase the positive aspects of your life. She can help you see and unblock the places where you are stuck. Let her guide you to the next place in your life while receiving messages from loved ones.